The European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities

Launched at the initiative of INTERMODES to supplement its annual conference devoted to passenger transport intermodality, the club has the dual objective to organize in the field study visits of intermodal examplary sites in Europe or in the world and to promote networking between the participants.

Representatives of European Regions or Cities can thus discover, in reality, intermodal initiatives transposable in their communities and share their own intermodal developments.

Apart from transport organizing authorities, other passenger transport stakeholders which have developed intermodal systems, can also offer study visits within their customers' communities.

The visits are covered by the general public and the specialist press to popularise intermodality and to encourage the public acceptance of  action taken in favour of intermodality by the regions and cities. It also helps to take the pulse of intermodality advances in Europe and to monitor the news.

Before London in 2011, Geneva in 2012, Oslo in 2013, Barcelona, Pontevedra, and Bordeaux in 2014, Lyon, Paris Île-de-France and Stockholm in 2015, a first study visit combining intermodality and accessibility was organised jointly with STIB and SNCB Mobility in February 2011 within the Brussels Capital Region.

To view a short video of this study visit: .

The next INTERMODES Club's study visits will take place in:


PAYS DE LA LOIRE REGION - 19 & 20 May 2016


On-line registration HERE

PORTO - June 2016

Programme to be available soon


Other 2016 study visits: Hong Kong, Kopenhagen, Grand Paris

INTERMODES and the Club of European Intermodal Regions and Cities are participating in the European Commission's sustainable urban mobility "DO THE RIGHT MIX" Campaign.

The study visits registration fees include participation to the day's activities (in field and in desk), documentation and lunch. Transport to and from the destination of the study visit and accomodation are not included.


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