In 2015, France is committed to the energy transition for a green growth and welcomes the Conference on Climate.

On this occasion, INTERMODES chose to organize its seventh annual Congress in Paris on 3 & 4 June 2015 and to extend it by a study tour in the Greater Paris area.
INTERMODES will welcome 300 delegates coming from the 28 EU countries and beyond.

The spotlight will be placed on Lithuania, which will hold the Presidency of the European Union Council during the first half of 2015.

PDF Version of INTERMODES 2015 Programme



SPeech by the Lithuanian Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, on the occasion of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (Tbc.)

Energy transition and Climate Change Conference: how to reduce the share of greenhouse gas emissions due to transportation?

One to one interview: Connected e-mobility

Round Table 1

Intercity connections: the advantage of regional dynamic

One to one interview: For finer service network, the advantage of clean buses!

INTERMODES 2015 Prize Award Ceremony

Round Table 2

Servicing rural municipalities: the contribution of intercommunality

One to one interview: Data sharing, the intermodality's power link

Round Table 3

Small cities, medium sized towns, metropolis. What is the right intermodal mix?

One to one interview: Traveling? Never without my mobile app!

Round Table 4

The levers for motivating the use of public or shared transport


Closing Session

Polish version of this web page by Valeria Aleksandrova here

INTERMODES : Towards a mobile and sustainable Europe

INTERMODES is the unique international convention entirely devoted to passenger transport intermodality.

In 2013 and 2014, 200 European passenger transport stakeholders attended INTERMODES: communities representatives, transport organizing authorities, transport operators, representatives from the transport industry, and researchers who contribute to the development of intermodality.

The objectives of INTERMODES is to create a plateform for exchanges between all European players in the passenger transport sector, in order for them to share concrete solutions for the joint construction of a sustainable and mobile Europe. All transport modes are taken into account, from the first to the last mile.

At the travelers' service, the convention is devoted to all forms of intermodality :

  • Political (volontarist initiatives of communities and member states to facilitate the access to a sustainable mobility through intermodality);
  • Geographical (cross-borders agreements, European programmes for intermodality implementation);
  • Technical (interoperability, integrated ticketing, signage, intermodal hubs,ITS, luggages handling, comfort, safety);
  • Financial (financings, PPP).

Since 2012, INTERMODES is under the patronage of the Committee of the Regions.

INTERMODES is a "mobility" partner of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR).

INTERMODES is Official Partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe campaign, an initiative of the European Commission.

INTERMODES is participating in the Sustainable Urban Mobility campaign "Do The Right Mix" of the European Commission.

Who should attend INTERMODES

INTERMODES is aimed at all international passenger transport professionals: elected representatives, transport technicians, institutions and communities, commercial and services companies from the transport sector, transport operators, researchers who wish to contribute to a better intermodality at the local, regional or European levels and/or develop solutions in favour of intermodality.

These solutions are presented during the Congress and in the associated Exhibition-Village.